33rd Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival | Ensemble iiiiiiiii | 대구콘서트하우스 챔버홀 Chamber Hall | Thursday 25/08/22, 19:30 |

The world premiere of au moins… (2022) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, and piano is taking place at the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival (Cheol Ha Park, Artistic Director), in a concert that also entails works by Siho Kim, Simon Steen-Andersen, Caspar Johannes Walter, Alex Mincek, Yukiko Watanabe, Enno Poppe, and Eunsil Kwon.

au moins … (Fr. for “at the very least”) occurs in shifting times. What happened and what happens at every single moment punctuate each other… In reconstructions… Glimpses of the past are brought back to the flux of the present… Fragile interpolations enforce some semblance of unity… Until something, almost spontaneous, changes the way we orient to sound… On time… and beyond…

The work was commissioned by the Ensemble iiiiiiiii.

ensembleiiiiiiiii is an ensemble founded in 2014 to devote itself to contemporary music. ensemble iiiiiiiii led ‘iN International contemporary music festival’ in which composers, musicians and visual artist from six countries including UK, Italy, Sweden, Russia, and Austria participated and sponsored by AVL CF, Austria’s leading art sponsorship foundation, and the Austrian Embassy in Korea. ensemble iiiiiiiii pursues concerts and programs internationally, such as performances being broadcast on ORF Ö1, Austria’s largest national broadcaster. recently, we have commissioned a recording session by chinese composer, Z.Huang from solo to ensemble pieces and invited by various organization and composer’s group.

오병철 Byungchul Oh (Flute) 이새롬 Saerom Lee (Clarinet) 문종인 Jongin Moon (Piano) 문지원 Jiweon Moon (Violin I) 이현아 Hyunah Lee (Violin II) 변정인 Jeongin Byun (Viola) 길희정 Heejung Keal (V.Cello) 최세훈 Saehoon Choi (Conductor) 지성민 Seongmin Ji (Artistic Director)