Performed by Panagiotis Andreoglou at the Opening Concert of the outHEAR New Music Week, Dec 8, 2019.

Panagiotis Andreoglou in a rocking live performance of Even the Sky screams sometimes too II for bajan. The work was commissioned by the Delian Academy for New Music 2018, GR, with the friendly support of SIEMENS Music Foundation.

More about Panagiotis Andreoglou at www.panagiotisandreoglou.com/

Program note

The Russian composer Sergei Berinsky said of the bajan that it is an instrument with “human breath, but an inhuman voice, …” In my first work for bajan, I sought to explore its ‘human breath’ with a large measure of the spontaneity of expression and gain some insight on the ‘peculiarities’ and particularities of this not widely understood instrument.

Although some extended techniques are applied — some air-noises, sparse breaths, and button pizzicati — this is fundamentally a tonally and rhythmically inclined work, immersing into the immense range of timbral shadings of the instrument.

The piece is set in two halves of equal duration: a slow, immersive, fuzzy and explorative first part with a fragmentary style and frequent changes of tension and pace, introspective regions of repose followed by energetic gestural rapidity; and a decisive, virtuosic, fast, explosive and almost demonic, rhythmically motor-driven second part.

All musical ideas are imperfect and vulnerable, ephemeral and distorted. They are constantly in a state of flux and are constantly being revised.