Anaeresis Piano Composition Meeting | 19 Feb 2022 | 19:00 (Athens) | online presentations

Panayiotis Demopoulos is performing at the Anaeresis Piano Composition Meeting. Among the works is also my “d’ogni luce muto” (2003) a work for piano solo commissioned by SCI and ASCAP.


  • G. Vogiatzis: Condolatory Bodies
  • B. Field: Fire
  • D. Papageorgiou: …d’ogni luce muto
  • P. Safar: Red tailed hawk
  • L. Sakellarides: Quiet mind
  • A. Rizzella: Il silenzio degli ignavi
  • N. Harizanos: Great expectations

“d’ogni luce muto…” consists of a limited number of brief chord progressions that are woven, rewoven, and occasionally juxtaposed to form longer static moments into the structure. The reduction of the sound elements, on the other hand, is intended to shift the listeners’ attention to the inner life of the piano – it’s resonance. So, the music exists rather in the space between the piano and the audience.

You can get the score at…-ogne-luce-muto