Recording session with the Arditti String Quartet for the New Music Conference NUNC! 4 at the Institute for New Music at Northwestern University, U.S.A. | Zoom session | March 5th, 2021

I am deeply indebted to Irvine, Ashot, Ralf, and Lucas of the Arditti String Quartet and, of course, Hans Thomalla, artistic director of NUNC!, and his team for having made this happen. With the Arditti String Quartet as the main guest ensemble, NUNC! 4 was originally planned in April last year and had to be postponed when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Among a total of nine works the quartet was supposed to workshop and perform is also my string quartet Quasi (ébauche) available by Babel Scores.

Due to the continuing problems caused by the pandemic, NUNC! 4 was decided to take place online on April 24th and the recordings made on March 4th, 5th, and 6th will be hosted on NUNC! website

There is an interesting background story about how this recording took place that I quote from Hans Thomalla’s wall:

“Since the quartet is based in London and Germany, and travel to the US is restricted, we had hoped to arrange for a recording session in Germany, so those nine works would still have a platform at the conference. With the new English virus mutation causing a lockdown for travel from London that option closed down last month. The  country of Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, still permits travel from England, though, and the quartet had a concert scheduled there, which in spite of all the restrictions in the world right now actually happened. The Luxembourg conservatory of Music, their President and their chair in composition Claude Lenners – in a gesture of incredible support for New Music and for our conference – offered a concert hall and the infrastructure for the event and the workshops are now happening there.” 

Hans Thomalla,

Quite a remarkable story! 

Many thanks to all of you: the Arditti String quartet, Hans Thomalla, Claude Lenners, the Luxenmbourg Conservatory, and Jerry sets from concerts at Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University.