In the times of covid-19 and social distancing, Hong Kong flutist Angus Lee (https://www.anguslee-music.space) issued a Call for Scores for solo pieces for piccolo, concert or alto flute, in an attempt “to utilize this opportunity to create a platform where I can introduce the homebound public – who likely spend the majority of time in front of the computer – to some of the most interesting composers today and their music.”

His first choice, Call for Scores #1, is my Etude in Quarter Tones (2016). Angus not only performed the Etude but also created a video with an analysis of the piece containing detailed comments on the technical aspects of the piece.

Time stamps for specific topics: 00:04 opening introduction 00:42 CFS 2020 #1 opening credits 00:50 introduction to Dimitri Papageorgiou & Etude in Quarter Tones (2016) 03:02 a closer look at the piece 07:11 notes around the piece 09:06 detailed investigation 16:57 playthrough of Etude in Quarter Tones (2016) by Dimitri Papageorgiou 18:00 closing remarks 18:51 spoiler for next video