Synecdochai (2021), for 15 performers

Commissioned by the Alternative Stage of the Greek National 2021 Opera and Niarchos Center for the Project the Greek Songbook.

Instrumentation: clarinet (bass clarinet), trombone, cello, harp, percussion, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, drums set, trumpet, oud, ney, yaylı tambur, kanun, set of oriental percussion.
World Premiere: November 2021
duration: 09:10

Languages of the Unheard (2020), a participatory performance in cooperation with Danae Theodoridou. A live experiment of conversing in the language of protest. 

Commissioned by Common Lab – Goethe-Institut Excellency Initiative by Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki & ArtBOX in collaboration with TIF-HELEXPO, Freiraum and Institute Hypewerk for Postindustrial Design, in the context of the State of the Arts.

Instrumentation: Video and processed sampled sounds (stereo).
World Premiere: Freiraum Festival 2020 Online ​Artistic Interventions | Saturday, October 31st, 2020
duration: 08:31

Per l’abluzione delle mani (2020) 

For David Bohn’s COVID-19 Project

Instrumentation: melodica
World Premiere:
duration: 01:00

NAR||ANA (2020) 

For the Quarantine Projet by Assonance Ensemble.

Instrumentation: flute and piano
World Premiere: Youtube streaming from Armernia, May 3rd, 2020
duration: 01:00

“She sees by formless gleams, she hears across cold streams…” (2019) 

For Ensemble Airborne Extended, Vienna, Austria.

Instrumentation: bass flute, great bass recorder (paetzold), and harp
World Premiere: April 10th, 2019
duration: 04:30

The distance between (2019) 

Commissioned by Ensemble Koron, Hanover, Germany.

Instrumentation: for soprano saxophone, accordion, piano, and tuba
World Premiere: TBA
duration: 07:30

“. . . am I hearing voices within the voice?” (2018) 

Instrumentation: for fixed media
World Premiere: 2nd Tehran International Electronic Music Festival, Tehran, Iran, September 8th, 2018
duration: 13:00

“…risuona più lontano che mai”  (2018)  

commissioned by the Il Suono Music Week 2018

Instrumentation: flute/bass flute, soprano saxophone, percussion, and piano
World Premiere: Ensemble Il Suono Giallo, Teatro Comunale Degli Illuminati, Cita di Castello, ItalyJuly 15th, 2018. Andrea Biagini, flute; Michele Bianchini, saxophone; Laura Mancini, percussion; Simone Nocchi, piano
duration: 10:00

“Even the sky, screams sometimes too” II (2018) version for solo bajan 

Commissioned by the Delian Academy for New Music 2018 with the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Musik Stiftung.

Instrumentation: accordion
World Premiere: Matti Pulkki – accordion. UUDEN MUSIIKIN LOKAKUU, Oulu, Finland | Tulindbergin Hall | September 28th, 2018
duration: 11:00

From A to Z (2017) 

commissioned by Zacharias Tarpagkos – flute and Ana Chifu – flute

Instrumentation: two bass flutes
World Premiere:
duration: 07:00

In the fluidity of … (2017) 

commissioned by theTehran International Electronic Music Festival and the Yarava Music Group, Tehran, Iran

Instrumentation: fixed media (2 channel stereo)
World Premiere: 1st Tehran International Electronic Music Festival, DaTheater, Tehran, Iran, September 2nd, 2017
duration: 10:44

“No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue…” (2016) 

Composed for the molecular organ by Constantine Luser

Instrumentation: 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba
World Premiere: Musik Protokol Graz, October 7th, 2016
duration: 8:30

Etude in Quarter Tones (2016) 

Instrumentation: piccolo flute
World Premiere:
duration: 1:00

“Even the sky, screams sometimes too” I (2015) 

Commissioned by duo Goliardi (Dimitrios-Menelaos Kountouras — recorders, Kostas Raptis – bajan)

Instrumentation: recorder and bajan
World Premiere: Duo Goliardi. PORTA Theater, Athens. February 16th, 2016
duration: 9:00

Debout (2015)

Composed for Olivier Vivares, clarinetist and member of the ensemble Klangforum Wien

Instrumentation: Contrabass Clarinet
World Premiere: TBA
duration: 9:00

Translucent Currents in her Darkness (2014)

Commissioned by Edo Micic, conductor, and the Ensemble Zeitfluss (Graz, Austria) for their anniversary concert “10 years Ensemble Zeitfluss”

Instrumentation: fl, ob, a.sax, cl, bsn, hrn, tpt, 2tbn, pn, perc, 2vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: Ensemble Zeitfluss. Edo Micic – conductor, 27 October 2014, Minorientsaal, Graz, Austria |
duration: 2:40

Quasi (ébauche) (2014)

Commissioned for the string players of the Ensemble Klangforum (Austria) by the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Music at Graz. The commission was awarded within the frame of the international research project “Patterns of Intuition” 

Instrumentation: 2vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 2 July 2014 | Ligetisaal at Mumuth Concert Hall, Graz, Austria | String players of the Ensemble Klangforum. Annette Bik – violin, Sophie Schafleitner – violin, Dimitrios Polisoidis – viola, Andreas Lindenbaum – cello
duration: 7:45

ḍafīr (2014)

Commissioned by Nafsika Tsiara – flute and Maria Mylaraki – piano 

Instrumentation: fl, pn
World Premiere: 10 May 2014 | AN ART Artistry, Athens, Greece | Nafsika Tsiara – flute and Maria Mylaraki – piano
duration: 6:00

Intrascalings (2013/14)

Commissioned by the Ensemble et cetera. Commission given as one of the five winners of the ensemble et cetera’s composition competition 

Instrumentation: cl, mar, db
World Premiere: 10 October 2014 | Conrad Prebys Recital Hall, San Diego, U.S.A. | Curt Miller – clarinet, Dustin Donahue – marimba, Scott Worthington – double bass
duration: 9:30

Violin and Piano  (2013)

Instrumentation: vn, pn
duration: 7:30

Through tacit cracks (2013)

Written for the dissonart ensemble within the frame of the Collaborative Miniature Project at the Dimitria International Festival of the City of Thessaloniki 

Instrumentation: fl, bcl, vn, db
World Premiere: 14 October 2013 | Villa Kapantzi, Thessaloniki, Greece | Jannis Anissegos – flute, Alexandros Stavridis – bass clarinet, Theo Patsalidis – violin, Jannis Hatzis – double bass
duration: 0:45

Unending are the Mazes it Engenders (2013)

Commissioned by the Swiss contemporary music duo UMS & JIP 

Instrumentation: alto recorder and counter tenor voice
World Premiere: 23 February 2013 | Thessaloniki State Orchestra Rehearsal Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece | Ulrike Mayer Spohn – alto recorder, Javier Hagen – counter tenor
duration: 8:30

“…anD…” (2012)

Commissioned by Dimitrios Polisoidis, violist of the Ensemble Klangforum 

Instrumentation: solo viola
World Premiere: 30 January 2013 | Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria | Dimitrios Polisoidis – viola.
duration: 7:30

“In Pulses, in Strokes …” (2012)

Commissioned by the Ensemble Interface (Germany) 

Instrumentation: fl, bcl, mar, pn, vn, vc
World Premiere: 30 November 2012 | Schlosstheater Rheinsberg, Berlin, Germany |
duration: 11:30

Effluénces (2011)

Instrumentation: fl, bcl, pn, vn, vc
World Premiere: 23 November 2011 | Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Greece |
duration: 12:00

Enlacées (2010)

Commissioned for the Ensemble Zeitfluss (Graz, Austria) by the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Music at Graz. The commission was awarded within the frame of the research project “Algorithmische Komposition im Kontext neuer Musik” 

Instrumentation: fl, bsax, bcl, hrn, tbn, 2vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 22 October 2010 | Ligetisaal at Mumuth, Graz, Austria | Ensemble Zeitfluss. Edo Micic – conductor.
duration: 7:30

In Praise of Repetition (2009)

Instrumentation: fixed media
duration: 19:30

In Praise of Slow (2009)

Instrumentation: fixed media
duration: 16:00

In the Vestige of the Present (2008)

Commissioned by Trio IAMA (Thessaloniki/Berlin)

Instrumentation: fl, vc, pn
World Premiere: 15 January 2009 | Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece | Trio IAMA: Jiannis Anissegos – flute, Maria Anissegou – cello, Antonis Anissegos – piano.
duration: 10:00

Iriai no kane, for chamber ensemble (2007)

Commissioned by Edo Micic, conductor, and the Ensemble Zeitfluss (Graz, Austria)

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, bsn, hrn, tpt, tbn, perc, 2vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 23 June 2008 | Minoritenssal, Graz, Austria| Ensemble Zeitfluss. Edo Micic – conductor.
duration: 9:00

Everness (Version II) (2006)

Commissioned by Nikos Athinaios, director of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, for the Inaugural Concert of the 1st Workshop of Contemporary Music of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Instrumentation: fl, cl, perc, pn, vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 3 December 2006 | Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece| dissonart ensemble. Nikos Athinaios – conductor.
duration: 10:00

“Λ” (2006)

Instrumentation: pn
duration: 6:00

Everness (Version I) (2006)

Instrumentation: fl, cl, perc, pn, vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 5 October 2006 | Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria| dissonart ensemble.
duration: 9:30

Trivalent (2005)

Instrumentation: vn, vc, pn
World Premiere: 27 September 2005 | Dimitria International Festival, Aneton Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece | dissonart ensemble.
duration: 13:00

Schweigeminute (2004)

Commissioned by the Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten for the concert “Das Heilige Nichts” in memoriam Hermann Markus Pressl.

Instrumentation: va, pn
World Premiere: 13 December 2005 | Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria | Dimitrios Polisoidis – viola, Janna Polyzoides – piano.
duration: 2:30

Everness/Neverness (2004)

Instrumentation: vn, va, vc, pn
duration: 08:00

“d’ogni luce muto…” (2003)

Commissioned by the SCI and ASCAP 

Instrumentation: pn
World Premiere: 3 April 2004 | SCI National Student Conference | The University of Iowa School of Music, Clapp Recital Hall, Iowa, IA, USA
duration: 10:00

For Hermann Markus (2002)

Instrumentation: mezzo soprano, fl, ob, cl, bsn, 2tpt, hrn, tbn, 2perc, pn, 2vn, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 10 February 2002 | Center for New Music, The University of Iowa School of Music, Clapp Recital Hall, Iowa, IA, USA | CNM Ensemble. Tim Roth – conductor
duration: 16:00

For Bassoon and Piano (2001)

Instrumentation: bsn, pn
duration: 18:00

Piano Quartet (2000)

Instrumentation: 2vn, va, pn
duration: 14:00

Tessalations (2000)

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, hrn, bsn
duration: 15:00

Nuit (1999)

Instrumentation: cl, va, pn
World Premiere: 12 April 2000 | University of Iowa Graduate Student Senate, Iowa City, IA, USA | CNM Ensemble.
duration: 15:00

Kylang (1999)

Instrumentation: db and fixed media
World Premiere: 8 May 1999 | The University of Iowa School of Music, Harper Hall, Iowa, IA, USA | Kyle Gassiott – double bass.
duration: 6:30

Full Circle (1998)

Instrumentation: fixed media
World Premiere: 10 April 1999 | Space/Place Theater, Iowa, IA, USA | Arleen Sugano – choreography/production.
duration: 5:30

Aphorism (1998)

Instrumentation: fixed media
World Premiere: 19 February 1999 | The University of Iowa, Clapp Recital Hall, Iowa, IA, USA |
duration: 4:20

Tasten (1997)

Instrumentation: pn
World Premiere: 25 May 1997 | Avlaia Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece | Stella Palaiologou – piano.
duration: 13:00

UNDR II (1991)

Instrumentation: 3fl(picc, alt), ob, c.engl, 2cl, bcl, bsn, Cbsn, 4hrn, 2tpt, 4tbn, tb, 4perc, va, vc, db
World Premiere: 9 October 1997 | Hellenic Radio & Television, Athens, Greece | Symphony Orchestra of the Hellenic Radio & Television. Charles Trikolidis – conductor
duration: 22:00

UNDR I (1990)

Instrumentation: alt fl, db, perc
World Premiere: 19 February 1989 | Literature Forum Stadtpart, Graz, Austria | Karolina Weidacher – flute, Klaus Melem – double-bass, Ηörst Günther Schenk – percussions.
duration: 23:00

Mein Schrank riecht nach Tier (1989). Music for the theater play by Walter Grond and Lucas Cejpek

Commissioned by the ORF, Austria 

Instrumentation: alt fl, db, perc, and computer piano
World Premiere: 19 April 1989 | Literature Forum Stadtpart, Graz, Austria | Karolina Weidacher – flute, Klaus Melem – double-bass, Ηörst Günther Schenk – percussions.
duration: 55:00

Trio (1988)

Instrumentation: fl, db, vibr
duration: 7:00

Jarra-Jarra (1988)

Instrumentation: 6 recorders
duration: 35:00

Org (1986) 

Instrumentation: flute, alto flute, oboe, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, and bassoon
World Premiere: January 21st 1987 | Grazer Kongress Kammermusiksaal, Graz, Austria | Faculty Members of the Music University at Graz and the Grazer Opera. Johannes Kern, conductor
duration: 23:00

UPT-RO (1987)

Instrumentation: mixed choir
World Premiere: 16 February 1987 | Andere Saite. Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria | Pro Musica choirGerd Kenda – conductor
duration: 28:00

Doppelgriffe (1986)

Instrumentation: db
World Premiere: 12 December 1986 | Florentinen Saal, Graz, Austria | Klaus Melem – double bass
duration: 30:00

Mystagogia (1986)

Instrumentation: mezzo soprano and orchestra
duration: 26:00

Adelma (1986)

Instrumentation: 12 female voices and 12 instruments
duration: 23:00

String quartet, nr. 1 (1985)

Instrumentation: 2vn, va, vc
World Premiere: 11 October 1987 | Andere Saite. Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria | Dimitri Polisoidis – violin Ι, Judith Molnar – violin ΙΙ,  Maria Leitner – viola, Michael Moser – cello
duration: 6:30

Pianissimo (1985)

Instrumentation: pn
duration: 13:00

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