inner sOUndscapes | Pitman Recital Hall, Catlett Music Center | April 29, 2022 | 20:00

…am I hearing voices within the voice?” will be performed at the University of Oklahoma School of Music within the concert series inner sOUndscapes, curated by professor Konstantinos Karathanasis.

The work  was composed in more voices and vocal manifestations from samples of principally non-verbal vocalizations, reconstructed by fragmenting, overlaying, and filtering the vocal timbres, to accommodate my own requirements

During the composition process, I was more interested in the subtleties of spoken sound when speech is deprived of meaning, the subtle pauses, speech cadences, evolving dynamics, the stumbles, the stammers, the um’s, and ah’s, the speeding up and slowing down.

The program entails works by Andriotis, Daniels, Karathanasis, Papageorgiou, Tomlinson, and Vanderburg.