The Reconstructive Nature of Memory as a Compositional Model | Bilgi University, Istanbul | E2-201 | April 24th, 2019 | 15:00 – 18:00

My music is, among other things, a continuous negotiation of the distinction between the self and the other and the fluidity of their relationship.

The core of my work revolves around specific themes: time, identity/similarity/difference, repetition, memory, and order — the fragility of order in the creative process.

The concept of memory, in particular – the way we consider the or our past – is perceived not as a repetition or nostalgic recollection. Quite on the contrary, memory is regarded for its creative dimension, that is, as a constantly updated reconstruction of the past from the point of view of the present and through a process of constant reformulation.

All musical ideas are imperfect and vulnerable, ephemeral and distorted. They are constantly in a flowing state and are constantly being revised.

Nothing repeats itself!