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I am very glad to announce that my composition “…am I hearing voices within the voice?” for Acousmatic category has been selected among 176 applications to be programmed on the Grains of Sound Festival #1 (GOS#01), which will take place on November 27th at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Osher Salon.

«Grains of sound electroacoustic music festival» strives to expose the works of a select group of innovative international composers, active in the electroacoustic field, to those enticed by new aural aesthetitcs.

The selected composers of the GOS#1 Call for Scores are

  • Acousmatic category: Annette Vande Gorne and Dimitri Papageorgiou
  • Solo Instrument category: Sylvia Rosani, Aldo Lombera, Bekah Simms, Jacob Sundstrom
  • Audiovisual category: Nicola Capelletti

Featured composers of the Grains of Sound festival are:

Patricia Alessandrini, Joao Pedro Oliveira, and Liviu Marinescu

These are the statistics for GOS#01 call for works as mentioned on the festival’s Facebook page at

176 applications in the “Acousmatic” category
106 applications in the “Electroacoustic” category
39 applications in the “Audiovisual” category

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