The results of the International Call For Scores & Commission 2017, organized by Ensemble Suono Gialloand IlSuono Contemporary Music Week have been announced and I am glad to be one of the two winners of the Commission 2017 in a statement on their webpage and Facebook page issued on October 29th:

The selection process of the applications received for the International Call For Scores & Commission 2017, organized by Ensemble Suono Giallo and IlSuono Contemporary Music Week, ended, with the selection committee thoroughly reviewing applications by:

143 composers (a total of 278 works) from 34 countries

The selection committee went through a strong applicant pool, including a large number of exceptional entries, making the decision process quite challenging. We would like to THANK all composers who sent in their music and trusted us with it. And, feeling grateful to the large amount of interest shown in the call, the committee decided to offer TWO commissions this year.

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We are excited to announce the following works have been selected to be included in the repertoire of ensemble Suono Giallo and its concert programs for the following season.

due forme dell’insonnia (2017) for sax, perc, pno
by Marco Longo (Italy, 1979)

L’erotisme sacré (2012) for fl, pno, and elec
by Taylor Brook (Canada/USA, 1985)

l’œil brisé (2017) for sax, perc, and elec
by Yiqing Zhu (China, 1989)

Piccolo inventario degli insetti (2017) for fl, sax, perc, pno, and elec
by Claudio Panariello (Italy, 1989)

will the voice remain the same (2015-17) for fl, sax, perc, pno
by Charles Kwong (UK/Hong Kong, 1985)

• 143 applications
• 10 applications were rejected;
-4 provided nonfunctional links
-6 submitted scores and/or recordings with composer’s identifying information (e.g. name in the score, soundcloud links)
• 23% of the applications were by female composers and 77% by male composers.
• 34 countries
Follow the link for a more analytical representation of statistical data.​ https://www.ilsuonoacademy.com/call-for-scores-2017