cd_one-minute_1Iwona Glinka

A nice critique about Iwona Glinka’s CD One Minute by Piotr Grella-Możejko, that mentions my Etude in Quarter Tones

… Two compositions played superbly on the bass flute, i.e. “Path” by Rania Chrisostomou (Cyprus) and “Catharsis” by Héctor Oltra Garcia (Spain), as well as “Kekkai” by Nicolas Marty (France), “The Clown” by Michail Travlos (Greece; the title is misleading – the music is actually quite good), “Etude In Quarter Tones” for piccolo flute by Dimitri Papageorgiou (Greece), and the remarkable “Concert Etude”, also for the piccolo, by Paweł Siek (Poland; again, the title turned me off, but the music did exactly the opposite) all stand out as examples of very well written mini-pieces aptly projecting the composers’ individual “voices” really worth exploring further.

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