John BERNERS. Divertimento (2008) for oboe, trombone and double bass

Courtney Miller, oboe; Dave Gier, trombone; Volkan Orhon, double bass

Erin GEE. Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter (2007)

Jeiran Hasanbass flute; Christine Burkeclarinet; Christine Augsburger, percussion; Elizabeth Upsonviola; Matthew Laughlinvioloncello; David Gompper, conductor

Dimitri PAPAGEORGIOU, “In pulses, in strokes…” (2012)

Anya Egense, flute; Christine Burkebass clarinet; Nicha Pimthongpiano; Benjamin; Yancey and Shelby Carney, percussion; Josh Palazzolo, violin; Matthew Laughlinvioloncello; David Gompper, conductor

— Intermission —

David LANG. Scraping Song

Ben Yancey, percussion

Erin GEE, Mouthpiece XIXc (2016)

Amanda DeBoer, soprano; Jeiran Hasanalto flute; Elizabeth Fleissner, oboe; Christine Burkebass clarinet; Christine Augspurger, percussion; Jenna Ferdon, violin; Matthew Laughlinvioloncello; David Gompper, conductor

Dimitri PAPAGEORGIOU, Iriai no kane (2007) for chamber orchestra

Laura Canelo Cohen, flute; Elizabeth Fleissner, oboe; Thiago Ancelmo De Souza, clarinet; Alex Widstrandbassoon; Ethan Brozkahorn; John Kenneth Gordertrumpet;
Robert Parkertrombone; Christine Augsburger and Peter Naughton, percussion; Leonardo Perez and Josh Palazzolo, violins; Elizabeth Upsonviola; Matthew Laughlinvioloncello; Nick Bowesdouble bass; David Gompper, conductor


Program booklet: som20161204a