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One minute

Iwona Glinka, One minute project | Sunday, November 6th, 2016 | 20:00 | AnArt Artistry, Monis Asteriou 4, Plaka, Athens, Greece 10558 | Entrance: 10€ | https://www.facebook.com/events/1123677301042046/

This is the premiere of Iwona Glinka’s One minute project. In early 2016, Athens based flutist Iwona has issued a Call for Performance and Recording  (http://www.phasma-music.com/p/ca) asking for works for solo flute (piccolo, flute, alto, bass).

In June of the same year, Iwona announce the compositions she had selected: 60 pieces – 42 composers – 17 countries – 4 flutes.

Iwona Glinka will record these pieces on a CD to be released on Sarton Label. Full physical and digital distribution via Warner Music, Naxos Music Library, Linn, Hdtracks, Qobuz, HighResAudio, eClassical, theClassicalShop.net, iTrax, ProStudioMasters, Onkyo, iTunes and more.

The program of the evening entails my Etude in Quarter Tones (2016) for piccolo flute.


  1. Aaron Alter – Try it on: Theme for solo flute
  2. Aaron Alter – Try it on: Variation 1 for solo alto flute
  3. Aaron Alter – Try it on: Variation 2 for solo bass flute
  4. Georgios Andriotis – άρ- for solo flute
  5. Greg Bartholomew – Sunlight on Quaking Aspen for solo flute
  6. Bracha Bdil – Three Monologues: Wondering for solo flute
  7. Bracha Bdil – Three Monologues: Mischievous for solo flute
  8. Bracha Bdil – Three Monologues: Pastoral for solo flute
  9. Aris Carastathis – Stargaze for solo alto flute
  10. Rania Chrysostomou – Path for solo bass flute
  11. Tim Clay – Reconciliation for solo flute
  12. Clayton Simmons Davidson – A Spire for solo flute
  13. David Drexler – Attack of the Tiny Cheesehead Music for solo flute
  14. David Drexler – almost winter for solo flute
  15. Robert Fleisher – Beginning for solo flute
  16. Robert Fleisher – Ending for solo flute
  17. Keith R. Gambling – Reflections of an ‘object’ at sea for solo flute
  18. Eleazar Garzón – Sh-k-h-ch for solo flute
  19. Liam Grogan – Miniature #4 for solo flute
  20. Nick Hwang – Adjacency for solo flute
  21. Karena Ingram – Chapter Zero for solo alto flute
  22. Jieun Jun – Exercise No. 2 for solo flute mouthpiece
  23. Rebecca Kaiserin – Season of Melancholy for solo flute
  24. Dimitris Karnasopoulos – Just a minute for solo flute
  25. Anicia Kohler – The humming-bird for solo flute
  26. George Kontogiorgos – Castalia Spring for solo flute
  27. Dimitris Kostopoulos – Old neighborhood for solo flute
  28. Dimitris Kostopoulos – Deep in the water, high in the sky for solo flute
  29. Giorgοs Kouvaras – “bit for flute” fantasy for the assonance for solo flute
  30. Edna Alejandra Longoria – El Baile (The dance) for solo flute
  31. Dimitrios Mantzirakis – Midnight birdsong for solo flute
  32. Dimitrios Mantzirakis – The awakening of nature for solo alto flute
  33. Dimitrios Mantzirakis – Discovering the magic of nature for solo flute
  34. Dimitrios Mantzirakis – The flying flute for solo flute
  35. Joshua Marquez – Slink for solo flute
  36. Nicolas Marty – 結界 (Kekkai) for solo flute
  37. Héctor Oltra García – “Κάθαρσις” (Catharsis) for solo bass flute
  38. Foivos Papadopoulos – One minute Greek dance for solo flute
  39. Foivos Papadopoulos – Greek Pastorale for solo alto flute
  40. Dimitri Papageorgiou – Etude in Quarter Tones for solo piccolo
  41. Giorgos Papamitrou – Taksim for flute
  42. Elena Papari – Northern Star for solo alto flute
  43. Scott Robbins – Fugue for solo flute
  44. Louis Sauter – Prélude for solo flute
  45. Louis Sauter – Scherzando for solo alto flute
  46. Louis Sauter – Intermèdes for solo alto flute
  47. Paweł Siek – Concert Étude for piccolo
  48. José Jesus de Azevedo Souza – Just a Minute! for Piccolo
  49. José Jesus de Azevedo Souza – Reflection for Bass Flute
  50. Stamatia Statherou – ‘Fleeting Moment’ for solo flute
  51. Neil Stipp – Capers for solo flute
  52. Neil Stipp – Brief Capriccio for solo flute
  53. Michail Travlos – The Clown for solo flute
  54. Dimitris Tsimpanos – One Minute for solo flute
  55. Peter Walton – Ritornello in C for solo flute
  56. Peter Walton – Ritornello in D for solo flute
  57. Peter Walton – Serpentine for solo bass flute
  58. Betty R. Wishart – Awaking & Frolicking for solo flute
  59. Betty R. Wishart – Frolicking for solo flute
  60. Josué Zamora – Niké for solo flute