“…anD…” (2012) for viola [7:30]. Commissioned by Dimitrios Polisoidis, violist of the Ensemble Klangforum

“… anD … “ is a challenging, unquenchablly intricate recital piece that allows the performer to display his/her technical prowess. This sense of bravura is unequivocally inspired by Dimitrios Polisoidis’s dazzling virtuosic skill, to whom the work is heartly dedicated.

The surface of the work, with its prevalent rhythm driven, capriciously pulsating, microtonally detuned, spiccato articulated riffs and runs interwoven with layers of percussive sounds (col legno battuto, finger tappings, pizzicati) or natural harmonics in staccato, is destortedly reminiscent of the 19th century salon music. Sudden offbeat accents and metrical shifts keep an intense energy plane until the end.

Virtuosic pyrotechnics aside, however, the inner workings of the piece below the surface take on a cerebral as well as organic, self-referential approach. The composition belongs to a series of works written over the past few years that explore a special interlacing technique: short and trite musical objects (two brief series of notes, in this case) are braided in labyrithoid fashion, constantly revealing different perspectives of the material within the development of the musical discourse.

The pitch structures of the work have been obtained by using algorithmic routines in Super Collider. The routines have been implemented in the frame of the research project Algorithmic Composition in the Context of New Music (2009-10), which took place at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Music and Drama at Graz, Austria.