10-05-2014. ḍafīr (2014) for flute and piano. Premier at AN ART Artistry, Athens, Greece. Nafsika Tsara – flute and Maria Mylaraki – piano. See, https://www.facebook.com/events/682254948501115/permalink/682548845138392/

23-05-2014. nuit (1999) for clarinet, viola, and piano. Tage Neuer Musik Graz, … von Zeit zu zeit, Großer Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria. Members of the Klangforum Wien: Olivier Vivares – clarinet, Dimitrios Polysoidis – viola, Janna Polyzoides – piano. See, http://www.tnmg.at/#/Programm/die-andere-saite (in German)

06-06-2014. Through tacit cracks (2013) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, and double bass. Forum Wallis Contemporary Music Festival, Shloß Leuk, Wallis, Switzerland. dissonArt ensemble. See, http://www.forumwallis.ch/programm-2014dissonart.htm

02-07-2014. Quasi (ébauche) (2014) for string quartet. Premiere at Mumuth Concert Hall, Graz, Austria. String players of the ensemble Klangforum Wien. http://guider.at/?id=13&e=28629&d=02.07.2014%2017:45&l=MUMUTH&ws_sel_fulltext=

14, 16, and 19-07-2014. Unending are the Mazes it Engenders (2013) for counter tenor and alto recorder. Avignion Festival, France. UMS & JIP, Swiss contemporary music duo. See, http://avignon.umsnjip.ch/program.html

10-10-2014. Intrascalings (2013) for clarinet, marimba, and double bass. Premiere at Conrad Prebys Recital Hall, University of California, San Diego, U.S.A, 19:00. Ensemble Et Cetera. See, http://scottworthington.com/etcetera/events.php

27-10-2014. Translucent Currents for large ensemble. Premiere Großer Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria. Ensemble Zeitfluss, Edo Micic – conductor.

TBA. ḍafīr (2014) for flute and piano. Melina Merkuri Hall State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Greece. Nafsika Tsara – flute and Maria Mylaraki – piano.