Zesses Seglias

Impuls: My doctoral student Zesses Seglias selected for the Ernst. Composition Commission. Three weeks residency in Krems and a new piece for Klangforum Wien.

As cooperation partner of impuls the Ernst Krenek Institute in Krems commissions a composition to a participant of the composition class at impuls also in 2013. After a three week visit at the Institute in Krems and in-depth study of composer Ernst Krenek, a piece for a chamber music ensemble shall be composed and in sequence premiered by Klangforum Wien. We are happy to announce that Greek Composer Zesses Seglias was selected amongst all composer participants of the 8th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music this year for this cooperation program. For further information on this program please visit www.impuls.cc/academy/special-programs.html. 

To listen to the music by Zesses Seglias, please visit https://soundcloud.com/zesseseglias