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ums_960Saturday, March 20 2013 | Zeughaus Kultur Brig-Glis, Switzerland | 20:30

Ums n’ Jip (Ulrike Mayer Spohn and Xavier Hagen) perform for the first time in Switzerland “Unending are the Mazes it Engenders” for counter tenor voice and tenor recorder, a work commissioned by this extraordinary Swiss contemporary music duo.

The work is a maze of utterances of an uncanny, palpitating sound, which unravels in winding paths, with interconnected twists and turns, through algorithmic mutations and reformulations, continuously circling back to itself by creating and not resolving the dialectics that underly its construction. Its mazing construction lacks of an entrance, a center, and possibility of escape; it is a maze without a monster and a death-defying hero . . .

The title is a quotation of a verse from the poem Everness by the Argentinian writer and poet Jorge Louis Borges:

And everything is part of that diverse
Crystal of memory, the universe;
Unending are the mazes it engenders

Unending are the Mazes it Engenders” is part of the Greece Project by UMS ‘n JIP commissions works for either recorder, voice & electronics in any combination for 2 performers by young and established contemporary Greek composers Antonis Rouvelas, Zesses Seglias, Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Panagiotis Kokoras, Dimitris Maronidis, Haris Kittos, Michalis Lapidakis, Dimitris Papageorgiou. The program intends to introduce different contemporary Greek composer’s works which are complementary to UMS ‘n JIP’s own works and/or especially inspiring for them. It will be premiers at the Thessaloniki University in February 2013. The Greece Project will be further performed on tour by UMS ‘n JIP in 2013/14.